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Every Thursday in the summer, the ice cream man comes to Bow Tree! Each week a new neighbor hosts the Ice Cream Social. Everyone is welcome – all neighbors, with or without kids!

Every Thursday: June 1 – August 24

Ice cream man arrives at 7:00pm sharp

Bring cash for the ice cream + BYOB

Bow Tree Ice Cream Social Locations (last updated 6/6/23):

Visit the Ice Cream Social GOOGLE DOC for the most updated Ice Cream Social locations.


Instructions for the host

By the Tuesday before, please print out 6 paper signs place them at the 3 entrances

You are welcome to make a Facebook Event in the BTCA fb page and invite everyone!

Text the Ice cream man with your address and let him know you are the weekly host for Bow Tree.  If he has any issue or does not respond to you, please let Kate Bird or Genevieve Grossmann know asap.

If you have a last minute emergency or are concerned about the weather, please text Kate and Gen. We will work on finding a solution or the Board will post about the Postponemnet/Cancellation.

Day of: All we need is a driveway for the gathering. Some hosts buy water and pretzles but that is not necessary. It is nice when the hosts allow access to their bathrooms.

On Friday after your social, please collect the 3 entrance signs and deliver to the next address on the list.